Taylor's 2011 Vintage Port
A classic Taylor Vintage Port, stylish and poised. The 2011 displays the purity of fruit, fine scented quality and firm linear tannins that are hallmarks of the house style, as well as the characteristic Taylor combination of power and refinement.

Vargellas 2011 Vintage Port
A rare Vintage Port produced from the oldest vines on the Vargellas estate. Multiple layers of subtle aroma and flavour wrapped round a dense core of fine complex fruit. As usual a very limited quantity was made of this ultimate collector’s wine.
Fonseca 2011 Vintage Port
Dense, concentrated berry fruit flavour reveals the Fonseca heritage of this powerful Vintage Port, which combines impressive depth and vigour with a seductive aromatic complexity. The beautifully integrated tannins provide both volume and structure.
Croft 2011 Vintage
The heady scents and opulent ripe fruit which define the Croft Vintage Port style are supported by a mesh of taut, muscular tannins. These, together with impressive depth of flavour, make the 2011 one of the most structured and powerful of recent Croft vintages.

n the world of classic fine wine, Vintage Port stands out in many ways.

Its extraordinary longevity together with its ability to give immense pleasure when young makes it a favourite of both wine collectors and wine enthusiasts. Vintage Port also stands out as being very good value compared with many other great classic wines, especially when purchased on release at what is known as the ‘declaration price.’ The only drawback is that it is relatively rare. The amount of Vintage Port bottled in a given year by a top house, such as Croft, Fonseca or Taylor, is usually much less than is bottled of the grand vin of a Bordeaux first growth. The fact that Vintage Port is only produced in years judged to be of outstanding quality makes it even rarer.

In this site you can find information on Vintage Ports from the exceptional vintage of 2011. The 2011 Vintage Ports achieved the rare feat of combining elegance and finesse with great stamina and depth of flavour. The summer of 2011 was warm and very dry. However the heavy rain that had fallen the previous winter provided the vines with plentiful ground water and ensured a balanced ripening of the grapes. As a result of these textbook ripening conditions, the 2011 Vintage Ports have impressive depth of colour and structure, fruit of great purity and fine, complex aromas.

As well as the Croft, Fonseca and Taylor 2011 Vintage Ports, the site also contains details of the rare Vargellas Vinha Velha Vintage Port made in very small quantities from a selection of fruit from the oldest vines on Taylor’s Vargellas estate. There are also details of importers around the world who can provide information regarding the availability of the 2011 Vintage Ports in their markets.

Frank ‘Smiler’ Yeatman was a legendary figure in the history of Port. A partner of Taylor’s from 1897 to 1949, by the end of his career he had supervised over 50 port vintages and had been responsible for some of the finest Vintage Ports ever made including the iconic Taylor 1945.